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This Farm Treats Its Mozzarella-Making Buffalo Like Royalty

2018-03-02 13:14
These mozzarella-making water buffalo get pretty great amenities, including on demand massages. The big cuddly beasts are pampered so they produce better cheese, they also listen to music and get milked only when they want to. Below them are rubber mats to make them comfortable and they can use showers and brushes whenever they want. They live on an Italian dairy farm called Tenuta Vannulo in Capaccio, Italy. The owners want their buffalo to live stress-free and believe that when they’re happy, the milk tastes better — which makes for great mozzarella. This is why their buffalo get spa-like amenities. The space doesn’t sue medicine or fertilizers it believes in homeopathic remedies — meaning the body can cure itself. They also make their own organic food for the 600 buffalo. Breeding them also happens naturally and they’re milked using robotic milking machines. They also test the quality of milk to make sure it’s ideal. The farm runs the natural milking cycle and only uses its own buffalo milk so there is limited production. They produce a little over 600 lbs or organic mozzarella a day and all the cheese is made by hand. They truly focus on quality over quantity — something that more farms should definitely practice.