Avicii Song Rings Out From Utrecht Church Bells in Beautiful Tribute
2018-04-25    0 views
Malgosia Fiebig, the city carillonneur of Utrecht, used the bells at the Dom Tower to pay tribute to renowned electronic dance music figure Avicii, following his death on April 20.

In a tweet on the evening the death of the artist was announced, Fiebig posted an image showing the musical notes to Avicii’s Hey Brother, saying she would perform a tribute featuring a trio of songs from the artist at 11 am the following day.

Local woman Tineke Tijhuis-Boot posted footage from the city on April 21, with Fiebig’s musical tribute ringing out from the Dom Tower.

Former President George H.W. Bush in the hospital, responding to treaments
2018-04-25    0 views
FOX 26 News Reporter John Donnelly

Woman Hit by Four Semi-Trucks During Blizzard Lives to Talk About `Miracle`
2018-04-25    0 views
A St. Louis woman says she is lucky to be alive after she was caught in a blizzard earlier this month and her car was hit by four semi trucks.

Growing movement to eliminate plastic straws gets NYC restaurant support
2018-04-25    0 views
A campaign to end the use of disposable
plastic straws is gaining traction in NYC.

The “Give a Sip” campaign, powered
by the Wildlife Conservation Society

aims to stop plastic straws from
entering New York City’s water system

and harming animals that ingest the plastic.

The alternative to plastic straws are
paper straws or reusable ones.

[[Ethan Li, Chef, New York]]
“That’s a good thing.”

[[Phoebe Olderman, Student, New York]]
“A lot of places use the plastic straw, but if more places switched over,
I would use the paper straw.”

However, this may be near
impossible in some places.

Gong Cha in K-Town goes through
up to 1,000 straws a day.

[[Jordan McLeggan, Supervisor, Gong Cha]]
“It’s not going to work because the paper straws can’t sit in [liquid].
It’ll come apart in your cup. And then you might be drinking paper
which is not safe. You can have just reusable straws but then
everybody would have to carry around their own straws everywhere they go.

Finding another alternative is a
problem that businesses will face.

Malibu, California, and Seattle
will soon prohibit plastic straws.

England has also recently announced a
proposal to ban plastic straws.

Since March 20, 50 companies have pledged
to ditch plastic straws in New York City.

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