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Getting ‘Hangry’ Is A Real Human Emotion

2018-05-20 15:50
  Feeling “hangry” is actually a real human emotion. Hanger is the feeling when you’re so hungry, you are angry. The word became popular because of the internet — but it’s actually backed by science. The human body needs energy to function and it gets it in the form of glucose or blood sugar, which we get from the carbs we eat. The brain depends on glucose to work, so when our blood sugar level is low the brain will think our body is in a life-threatening situation, which makes cortisol and adrenaline go up. These hormones could affect the brain, and the same hormones responsible for hunger are also the ones that trigger anger, rage, and other impulsive behaviors. In addition, reduced levels of glucose in the brain can make it harder for us to concentrate or control out emotions, which makes it more likely for people to snap at others when they’re hungry. A 2014 study even found that low glucose levels caused greater levels of aggression in married couples. To avoid being hangry, make sure not to skip meals, and try to snack on more mood-leveling foods like fruits and veggies. This should help keep you happy — and less hangry in the future.