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Armed carjacking in DC caught on camera
2018-06-18    0 views
- Surveillance footage shows the horrifying moment

3 men carjack a vehicle at gunpoint

- Police are looking for the 3 suspects
one dead and three injured in music festival hit-and-run-renew
2018-06-18    0 views
Police: Armed civilian took down shooter at Washington state Walmart
2018-06-18    44 views
A gunman injured a teen and shot a man in a pair of carjacking attempts Sunday, before being killed by a bystander outside a Washington state Walmart store.
Israeli jets strike 9 targets in Gaza in response to ‘explosive kites & balloons’
2018-06-18    36 views
Israeli jets struck nine targets belonging to the Islamist Hamas group in the northern Gaza Strip early on Monday (June 18) in response to incendiary kites and balloons Palestinians sent from the territory that have damaged Israeli property, the military said.
Second Deputy Dies After She Was Shot During Fight With Prisoner
2018-06-18    30 views
A second sheriff’s deputy died after a shooting involving a prisoner outside a courthouse in Kansas City.

Deputy Theresa King, 44, died early Saturday after Friday’s shooting. Deputy Patrick Rohrer, 35, died earlier.

The inmate was being taken from jail to the courthouse when the shooting occurred, the Los Angeles Times reported. He was in a gated area, where inmates are taken out of a van, and may have overpowered the deputies and taken hold of one of their weapons, according to preliminary investigations.

Rohrer, age 35, died after being taken to the hospital from his injuries. He worked with the department for seven years. King, 44, had 13 years of service. Both died at the University of Kansas Medical Center, according to news releases from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.

The suspect was also shot and was reported to be undergoing surgery for his or her injuries, according to The New York Times.

“When they pulled into the parking lot and readied to transport these inmates, they were overcome,” Maj. Kelli Bailiff, a spokeswoman for the Wyandotte County sheriff’s office, said at a news conference on Friday, The New York Times reported. “It is very possible that with their own firearm they were both shot.”

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating.

"There are witnesses we are speaking with," said Zac Blair, a spokesman for the Kansas City police, via The Kansas City Star. "This is a courthouse building, there is video. We will be looking at that video.”

Witness John Garcia was leaving the courthouse building at the time of the shooting. After gunshots rang out, he and others ran back inside and into a courtroom.

"I was in a panic," he said, via the Star. "My stomach was in knots.

Garcia and others had to stay in the courtroom until authorities deemed it safe to leave.

"They were there at the courthouse. You know, you're at one of the safest places where you can be," Garcia told the Star. "And, you know, this occurred right outside the courthouse, where there's, you know, multiple police around."
Mosquito Bite Do’s and Don’ts - for summer
2018-06-17    0 views
If you get bitten, apply a cold washcloth
to the area in question.

Wear long sleeves, long pants, and a
protective spray when outdoors.

Keep an eye out for any symptoms of
illness within two weeks of getting bitten.

Don’t scratch itchy spots after being bitten

Get rid of any standing water in pans, pots,
or wading pools, where they can breed.

Running a fan nearby can help keep
mosquitoes away---they don’t like the wind.
2018-06-17    0 views
California Highway Patrol rescued two teens and
a 23-year-old from the side of a steep cliff.

Two 13-year-old girls and a man got stuck in
the area overnight after going on a hike.

They were stranded 700-800 feet
down the side of the cliff.

Rescue crews weren't able to reach them until
morning because of poor weather conditions.

All three are said to be in good condition
and are back with their families.
2018-06-17    0 views
A man has made it his life’s mission to mow lawns for free as an act of public service. He combines free lawn mowing with youth mentorship, and is touring the Unites States to mow lawns in all 50 of them.

Rodney Smith Jr. explained that God gave him the inspiration to start this venture.

"He gave me the answer the day I came across an elderly man outside mowing his lawn, and that's the day I stopped and pulled over and helped him out. That night, I decided to mow free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms, and veterans."

For his 26th stop, Smith is in Nashville. He inspires young people in his lawn mowing travels with the 50-yard challenge.

A 9-year-old mentee of Smith, Ryan Youngquist, has been mowing his grandfather’s lawn ever since his grandfather fell off a ladder and hurt his shoulder.

"Like Mr. Smith says, I'm able, other people aren’t,” said Ryan.
20 victims in mass shooting at Art All Night in New Jersey
2018-06-17    22 views
At least 20 people were shot at an event in New Jersey, including a boy who is in critical condition, according to officials.

A suspected gunman was fatally shot by police and a second suspect was arrested when gunfire erupted at 3 a.m. in Trenton, according to reports.
Galapagos volcano erupts, lava flows into sea threatening wildlife
2018-06-17    3K views
A volcano erupted spewing out lava in the Galapagos Islands, threatening wildlife, officials from the Galapagos National Park said on Saturday, June 16.

Dramatic television images, distributed by Galapagos National Park of the eruption, showed clouds of gases and smoke rising hundreds of feet into the sky around La Cumbre volcano and streams of molten lava pouring into the sea, on its northern slope.

Officer rescues man, 90, from car stuck on train tracks in Stuart-Teaser
2018-06-15    0 views
Police officer spots military vet's car take wrong turn & end up stuck on train tracks
But when a train comes charging
Officer immediately reacts
How This Student Saved 50 Lives When His Bus Driver Became Unconscious-Teaser
2018-06-15    0 views
Boy decided to take a different school bus home
But what happens on the way back
Was it merely a coincidence?
Waitress and grandma of 7 receives $3,000 tip for hard work and 'smiling'-Teaser
2018-06-15    0 views
Waitress with 7 grandkids chats with customers
What they leave for her
“I looked at it and was astounded"
Strangers Join Forces to Return Dog Found 2,000 Miles Away From Rightful Owners in Arizona-Teaser
2018-06-15    0 views
Dog had been lost for over a year
But when rescuers discover where he came from
They're left in utter shock
How Bruno Mars Helped My Son Find His Voice-Teaser
2018-06-15    0 views
Boy was unable to speak or make noises after a cold left him mute
But mom's positive approach
Now nothing can stop him
Police department rewards child who properly parked toy car-update
2018-06-15    4 views
Louisiana police officers were patrolling when they found a child had parked a toy car properly on the street.

The officers went back to the office and printed a parking ticket for the child.

The officers also filled the child’s car with toys.

The officers’ efforts received praise from the chief.
Police department rewards child who properly parked toy car
2018-06-15    0 views
Louisiana police officers were patrolling when they found a child had parked a toy car properly on the street.

The officers went back to the office and printed a parking ticket for the child.

The officers also filled the child’s car with toys.

The officers’ efforts received praise from the chief.
2018-06-15    5 views
Kellen Winslow Jr., a former NFL star, has been
arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape.

He was was arrested in San Diego on June 14.

If convicted of all nine charges,
Winslow faces life in prison.

San Diego Police Lt. Michael Blevins said the
alleged crimes happened in the Encinitas area.
Longtime Elvis Presley drummer D.J. Fontana has died
2018-06-14    49 views
D.J. Fontana, the drummer who helped launch
rock 'n' roll as Elvis Presley's sideman died at 87.

His wife Karen Fontana said her husband died
in his sleep in Nashville on Wednesday night.

She said he had been suffering complications
from breaking his hip in 2016.

Fontana met Elvis Presley on a popular
radio and TV country music program in 1954.

Fontana then became Presley's
first and longtime drummer.

Fontana was there for Presley's extraordinary
first wave of success, including the hit singles
"Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock.”
JHU LAX player saves dog trapped in burning car-Teaser
2018-06-14    0 views
College lacrosse star sees a car on fire with a dog inside
What he does next
It's incredibly brave
Hero Rescue Cat Fights the Effects of Carbon Monoxide, Saves Family from Dangerous Leak-Teaser
2018-06-14    0 views
Family cat never meows
But one day its meowing wakes them up
Something was seriously wrong
people save runaway horse on highway-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Family pulls in on highway
But the sight that greets them in front
You only see this in Texas
Chick-fil-A’s act of kindness for elderly couple after they realized ‘something wasn’t right’-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Elderly couple would visit Chick-fil-A twice a week

But when they stopped coming

Staff just knew
Plumber recovers Trotwood woman’s $30K heirloom ring set-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Woman flushes toilet while cleaning bathroom
Only to look up and realize
She's made a huge mistake
He used advertising to find a donor. Now he has a new kidney and a lifelong friend-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Man's kidneys were failing
But the method he uses to find a new one
It's unusual
Gruesome Discovery Made in Southern California Waterway-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Body found in waterway

The circumstances raise more questions than answers

Police are asking the public for help
Arizona killer's ex-wife says family is 'grateful to be alive' after murder spree-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Serial killer's wife speaks out about ex-husband

What she went through after the divorce is terrifying
Man arrested after hostage incident in Paris-Teaser-renew
2018-06-13    0 views
Moroccan man holds 2 hostage
Then makes strange demands
2018-06-13    2K views

The FBI agent who shot someone in the leg
while dancing in a Denver bar has been charged.

He appeared in court on July 13,
and faces charges of second-degree assault.

He turned himself in to police on July 12
and was released on bond.

While on vacation on June 3, Chase Bishop
dropped his gun doing a dance maneuver.

He appears to accidentally shoot while retrieving it.

The bar was cleared and a man went to the
hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

The FBI is conducting an internal investigation.
2018-06-13    0 views
Remember the dancing FBI agent
who fell and shot a man?

He is now in deep trouble
Man arrested after hostage incident in Paris-Teaser
2018-06-13    0 views
Moroccan man holds 2 hostage
Then makes strange demands
Airbnb owner shocked to return home and find home packed, being used for music video
2018-06-13    2 views
By Zack StieberJUNE 12, 2018
The owner of a condominium in Illinois was shocked when he went to check on his condo only to find the house packed and the crowd in the middle of filming a music video.

“I never expected something like this to go ahead and happen. It’s just kinda out of the clear blue,” Brian Reynolds told Fox 32.

Reynolds said a woman contacted him to rent the condo through Airbnb for May 31, saying she was in town for a graduation party.

Reynolds’s listing states that no more than two people can be at his condo but he received a phone call from his neighbor alerting him that he should go by the condo because there were a lot of people there.

“I walked through my front door, they had food catering, a bunch of cast members out there. My front door was open half way so I walked in and my whole place was filled. About 30 people in there. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had that many people in my place,” Reynolds said.

The condo in Chicago Park was also filled with cameras, lights, and film equipment, and the crowd had been filming scenes in multiple rooms, including the bathroom and Reynolds’s bedroom.

“They said they had one more scene left to go ahead and film. They said it would take 45 minutes. I said no, you guys gotta get out of here. My neighbors are outside. And I had to look out for their safety first and foremost,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds ordered everyone to leave and soon contacted Airbnb to demand an investigation. But the company said that what happened was “not a violation of our terms of service.”

However, a representative told Fox 32 that a company official did confirm with Reynolds that a listing should never be used for commercial purposes without a host’s permission.

Airbnb said the investigation concluded that a film crew was shooting a music video.

It’s unclear if the renters will face any consequences. Reynolds is trying to prevent the videos from being published.

“I’ve got pictures of my family up and whatnot and I don’t want this popping up anywhere on the internet” Reynolds said. “It’s definitely a violation of my privacy.”
Baby squirrels-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
Woman finds baby squirrels clustered together in weird way
Then she saw the truth
This is terrible
Cop donates kidney to child after seeing Facebook post-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
Woman posts desperate plea online trying to find kidney for young son

But months later

She gets a visit from the police
Man reunites with baby he saved-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
- Mom was driving when suddenly
baby's eyes rolled back

- Man ran to save the child

[SOUND BITE] Come on, give me a cry, give me a cry. Let me hear you. [00:55 - 00:58]

- But he kept fading in and out ...
Mother of epileptic boy will not get confiscated cannabis oil back-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
Authorities stop mother with drugs at the airport

Then she tells them it's for her son
Fight Between Hundreds of Rival Soccer Fans Breaks Out in Northern California,,1145702,Tribune - KTXL -
2018-06-12    0 views
Families start running as over 200 people fight in California

But what police did angered people
Buried alive-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
Man lucky to live as he had been buried alive as a baby
20 years later, he finally learns the truth of what happened to his rescuer
Dog becomes stay-at-home dad for ducklings after their mum waddled out on them-Teaser
2018-06-12    0 views
Baby ducklings were found waddling around alone
But who adopts them—you will never guess
Avicii's Friends And Family Say Goodbye
2018-06-12    2 views
The Swedish DJ and music producer’s funeral was
held in a private ceremony in Stockholm last week.

Avicii, 28, was found dead
in Muscat, Oman, in April.

No cause of death has been released. But Avicii's
family seems to suggest he took his own life.

Avicii was known for a number of songs
including "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother."

He announced he was retiring from touring in 2016
but had continued making music.
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