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16 Pregnant Nurses at the Same Hospital
2018-08-19    52 views
It is not odd for a hospital to see 16 pregnancies.

It is somewhat odd when all 16 are nurses there.

[Ashley Atkins, Nurse]
"They're wondering what's in the water."

[Jolene Garrow, Nurse]
"One after another after another after another."

"Did we have some kind of pact going on?"

The nurses getting pregnant at the same time
 is just a happy coincidence. There was no pact.

Sixteen nurses at Banner Medical Center are due
to have babies between October and January.
The nurses are still at work, but there are
some jobs they cannot do.

[Heather Francis, Nursing Director]
Certain infections and also chemotherapy drugs
can be very toxic to the fetus.

Francis said that the hospital is already 
lining up substitute nurses.

[Heather Francis, Nursing Director]
"We've been planning for this for months."
Netanyahu, Bolton discussions to focus on Iran nuclear programme
2018-08-19    2 views
White House national security adviser John Bolton arrived in Israel on Sunday (August 19) and met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with Iran the focus of talks.

Bolton is one of the U.S. administration's leading hawks in dealing with Iran's nuclear programme. He was meeting Netanyahu at a working dinner at the Israeli leader's residence in Jerusalem. The two are set for further discussions on Monday (August 20).

In his welcoming remarks, Netanyahu said the two would discuss how "to continue to roll back Iran's aggression in the region and to make sure that they never have a nuclear weapon."

Bolton will meet Russian officials in Geneva later in the week as a follow-up to the summit meeting that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had in Helsinki last month, the White House said. He will also visit Ukraine.

Bolton told ABC News in an interview earlier on Sunday that the U.S., Israel and Russia shared the objective of removing Iranian and Iranian-led forces from Syria, and ending Iran's backing of the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas.
Fugitives accused of shooting at NC cops arrested in wild Treasure Island SWAT situation
2018-08-19    8 views
Fugitives accused of shooting at NC cops arrested in wild Treasure Island SWAT situation
Woman, man killed in East Nashville bar shooting, police step-up patrols for suspects
2018-08-19    54 views
The Nashville Police Department has
warned residents to be on their guard.

A string of recent shootings have left three
dead and others critically wounded.

Police officers told Nashville residents
to travel in groups if possible and to be extra alert.

Officers are searching for two suspected killers.

A vehicle captured on surveillance appears
to be a dark Chevrolet, possibly a Cruze or Cobalt.
Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees concert canceled in Oklahoma after storm injures 14
2018-08-19    698 views
An outdoor concert in Oklahoma featuring 90's boy band favorites Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees was canceled on Saturday (August 19) after an intense storm struck the area and injured at least 14 people, venue officials said.

Images shared with Reuters showed people seeking shelter from the heavy downpour, just before the metal structure fell near them.

Fourteen people were treated at the scene and taken to local hospitals. Two have been released, officials said. Patrons at the sold-out show held at the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, nearly 130 miles south of Oklahoma City, were asked to seek shelter at around 5:00 p.m. local time when lightning appeared within four miles of the casino, the resort said in a statement.

The Backstreet Boys, best known for hits like "I Want It That Way" and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and 98 Degrees, famous for their love ballad "I Do (Cherish You), were scheduled to perform for more than 12,000 fans. Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson told fans via his Twitter account that safety inspectors had checked the stage for damage after the storm.
Fresh tremor rocks Indonesia's Lombok
2018-08-19    205 views
A fresh tremor of 6.3 magnitude struck the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Sunday, after an earthquake killed more than 430 people there earlier this month.

Video shared with Reuters showed people evacuating from airport and hospital buildings when the aftershock hit.

USGS estimated the depth of the latest tremor at 7.9 km (4.9 miles) and said the epicentre was on the north-eastern shoulder of the island at the foot of Mount Rinjani. There was no tsunami warning, and authorities were still awaiting word on casualties.

Lombok, which lies just east of Bali, the southeast Asian country's most famous tourist destination, has been rocked by a series of quakes and aftershocks since July 29, including a 6.9-magnitude tremor on Aug. 5. More than 350,000 people fled their homes after that quake to shelter in government-provided tents or makeshift structures in open fields. Authorities said aid was slow getting to some of the hardest-hit areas as they are remote.
Brazilian border town residents drive out Venezuelan immigrants
2018-08-19    299 views
Angry residents of Pacaraima, near Brazil's border with Venezuela, ran riot and drove out Venezuelan immigrants on Saturday (August 18) after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten, residents and government officials said.

The demonstrations forced hundreds of Venezuelans to flee back across the border on foot and residents set fire to the belongings they left behind and to tyres to block the road crossing between the two countries.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have poured over the border into Roraima state over the last few years, fleeing economic and political turmoil in their country. The Roraima government has declared the immigration influx a social crisis and asked Brazil's federal government to close the border, which it will not do for humanitarian reasons.
People plucked from rooftops as Indian floods kill 324
2018-08-17    24 views
Emergency workers stepped up their rescue efforts in the Indian state of Kerala on Friday (August 17) after the worst floods in a century hit the region.

Officials said the floods have killed 164 people and forced more than 200,000 into relief camps, with more misery expected as heavy rain pushed water levels higher.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to visit the southwest state later on Friday and its chief minister said he was hoping the military could step up help for the rescue effort, which is already using dozens of helicopters and hundreds of boats.

The floods began nine days ago and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said about 223,000 people were forced into 1,568 relief camps.

Kerala has been hit with 37 percent more rainfall than normal since the beginning of this monsoon, the Meteorological Department said.

The office of the chief minister said heavy rain was falling in some places on Friday. More showers are expected over the weekend.
Survivor, shaken, describes plunge off bridge in Italy
2018-08-17    102 views
At least 22 people were killed when a motorway bridge collapsed in torrential rains on Tuesday morning (August 14) over buildings in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, and the deputy transport minister said the death toll would rise.

An 80-metre section of the bridge, including one set of the supports that tower above it, crashed down in the rain onto the roof of a factory and other buildings, crushing at least one truck and plunging huge slabs of concrete into the river below.

Fire brigade helicopter footage showed trucks and cars stranded on either side of the collapsed section of the bridge, which was built on the A10 toll motorway in the 1960s.

Restructuring work on the bridge, which was 1.2 km long in total, was carried out in 2016. The highway operator said work to shore up the foundation of the bridge was being carried out at the time of the collapse, adding that the bridge was constantly monitored.

The highway is a major artery to the Italian Riviera and to France's southern coast. Train services around Genoa have been halted.
Friend Who Found BOBBI KRISTINA Overdosed In Bathtub ... DEAD FROM OVERDOSE
2018-08-17    574 views
Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 
died from an overdose in 2015.

Her close friend, Max Lomas, found her lifeless
in a bathtub at the time.

Now Lomas appears to have 
suffered the same fate.

Lomas was found unresponsive in a friend’s
bathroom. A syringe was found next to him.

He was then rushed to the hospital where he died.
Long-distance bus overturns on German highway, 22 hurt
2018-08-17    32 views
Six people were seriously injured and 10 slightly hurt when a bus drove into a ditch beside a highway on Friday in northeastern Germany, police said.

News agency dpa reported that the incident happened in the morning at Linstow, near Rostock, on the A19 highway heading towards Berlin.

The cause wasn't immediately clear.
HRW Investigators Say Hundreds Killed During Massacre at Rohingya Village
2018-08-17    4 views
HRW Investigators Say Hundreds Killed During Massacre at Rohingya Village
The Myanmar Army carried out a systematic campaign of killing and rape in the Rohingya village of Tula Toli in Rakhine state on August 30, 2017, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on December 19, with victims numbering in the hundreds.
The report features interviews with 18 Rohingya survivors from Tula Toli, as well as interviews from their broader investigation into the military’s operations against Rohingya villages. Violence erupted on August 25 when a group of Rohingya militants torched police checkpoints in Rakhine. Since then, more than 645,000 Rohingya fled to neighboring Bangladesh, accusing the military of burning down their homes.
Credit: YouTube/Human Rights Watch via Storyful
HRW Says Satellite Images Show Rohingya Villages 'Bulldozed' by Myanmar Authorities
2018-08-17    0 views
HRW Says Satellite Images Show Rohingya Villages 'Bulldozed' by Myanmar Authorities
Human Rights Watch (HRW) released satellite footage on February 22 that it said showed the destruction of Rohingya villages in Maungdaw, Myanmar, between January 8 and February 19.
HRW said the video demonstrated that the Burmese government had been bulldozing “scores of depopulated Rohingya villages”.
HRW said that while most of the 55 villages that had been cleared were among the 362 villages that had been damaged by arson since August 2017, at least two of the cleared villages were undamaged and were probably inhabitable.
Credit: Human Rights Watch & Planet Labs, Inc. via Storyful
Rescuers help whales stranded near Reykjavik back to sea
2018-08-17    61 views
Rescuers helping two stranded bottlenose whales on beach on island of engey in Iceland, rescuers helping one whale back into water
Sheriff- Multiple shot, one dead at Hudson apartment complex
2018-08-16    44 views
[Deputy Chris Beaman, Pasco County Sheriff's Office]
“We believe a drug deal went bad.
We had multiple people who we believe
were shooting at one another.”

A drug deal gone bad left one dead and three shot.

Pasco County sheriffs are seeking a fourth man.
That man, Kiyondrea Redfield, was also shot.

Police believe he fled with a friend, Alexas Gregas.
Gergas has been apprehended.

Redfield is still on the run.
There are reports he is in a local hospital.

The other two shooting victims
are also in critical condition.
100,000 vitamix continers recalled
2018-08-16    16 views

100,000 plus Vitamix blending containers
are being recalled.

11 people have reportedly been injured
by the product’s spinning blades.

The recall includes Ascent and Venturist series
8-ounce and 20-ounce blending containers.

The recalled blade has date code 03-18 
(March 2018) or earlier.

Consumers should stop using the containers
and contact Vitamix for a repair kit.
President Donald Trump says Aretha Franklin 'brought joy to millions of lives and her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come'
2018-08-16    12 views
President Donald Trump says Aretha Franklin 'brought joy to millions of lives and her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come'
Wife of dad who beat man for following daughter in bathroom speaks out
2018-08-16    201 views
A father reportedly beat another man to death
after he tried to enter his daughter’s bathroom stall.

Police charged him with second-degree murder.

[Diana Jackson, Suspect’s Fiancee]
I'm not mad at him.
I don't feel like he did anything wrong.
I love him.
Like, he did what he was supposed
to do for our kid.

[Diana Jackson, Suspect’s Fiancee]
I would'a did the same thing.
I don't feel bad at all for his actions.
I feel bad that the man end up dying in the process.
I do.
More U.S. Marines to train in Norway, closer to Russia
2018-08-16    10 views
"Noble Partner 2018", the fourth of its kind NATO-led military exercise on Georgian territory, has come to an end on Wednesday (August 15).

The large scale exercises, which took place in and round the Vaziani military base outside the capital Tbilisi, involved of 1,300 Georgian troops, 1,170 U.S. troops, and a combined 500 from 11 other countries. In addition to Georgia, non-NATO participants included Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan, all of which were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

The exercises took place over the first two weeks of August, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Georgian-Russian war. Speaking at the closing ceremony, Georgia's Defence Minister Levan Izoria reiterated that Georgia wants to return the territories recognized as Georgia, namely the breakaway states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, only by peaceful means.

Russia held its own military exercises on the territory of Abkhazia at the same time.
'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has died
2018-08-16    240 views
Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul,”
died on Aug. 16.

She passed away in Detroit surrounded by family.

Her publicist confirmed the death by saying:

“We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family.”

“The love she had for her children, grandchildren,
nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds.”
Crazy Rich Asian Screening
2018-08-16    32 views
Today is the official release of Crazy Rich Asians, highly anticipated film, starring a predominant Asian cast has packed theaters even before it’s official August 15th opening.

On Monday evening, August 13th, Henry Golding, lead male actor from the film attended and hosted a red carpet screening event in Flushing Showcase Cinemas’ College Point Multiplex.

Actor Henry Golding “asian cinema is strong, asian representation when it comes to contemporary stories like modern love stories is non existence apart from 25 years ago, The Joy Luck Club.”

Audience Joshua Ng “I have seen movies in Hong Kong, but its something different being here at home in America and still seeing my face being presented.

This family romance comedy is focused on the life of an American raised Chinese girl, Rachel Chu. To attend his friend’s wedding. She travelled to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick Young. Little did she know that her boyfriend is actually the son of an extremely wealthy and famous Singapore family. and had to deal with the culture differences and his disapproving mother, Song Yang.

Actor Henry Golding “we knew the importance that the film represent to a lot of people, so we knew that the pressure was on to make sure we delivered what was needed”

Audience Christina: It has a lot of traditions and things we all learned as we growing up.

Audience Doreen Lynn: There were lots of wonderful scenes, I think at the wedding when he says I love you, and she says I love you, all of sudden the tear comes down.

Audience Debora: A family drama, doesn't matter what culture you are we all go through the same thing. It was so beautiful.
Crazy Rich Asian Screening
2018-08-15    150 views
Crazy Rich Asian Screening
Matt Lauer agrees to pay Annette Roque up to $20M in divorce
2018-08-15    103 views
Former "Today" show host Matt Lauer has agreed
to pay his ex-wife Annette Roque up to $20 million.

Friends said he feels guilty for cheating on
her with multiple women at work.

The couple has been getting along and spending
time at their 12-bedroom Hamptons property.

“Things really have settled down. Matt and
Annette are getting on,” a source said.

The pair is believed to have come to agreement
on how to share custody of their three children.

Lauer was fired from his job as co-host of
"Today" by executives at NBC in November 2017.

A colleague of his complained of
inappropriate sexual behavior.
Suicide bomber targets Shiite students in Kabul, killing 48
2018-08-15    535 views
The death toll from a suicide blast at an educational centre in a mainly Shi'ite area of Kabul on Wednesday (August 15) reached 48, with another 67 wounded, the health ministry said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, which came after several weeks of relative calm in the Afghan capital, but previous attacks on Shi'ite targets in the area have been claimed by Islamic State.

The Taliban, who have been intensifying their attacks against military and government centres in recent weeks, issued a statement denying involvement.

The attack occurred as the government was facing heavy pressure over a Taliban attack on the central city of Ghazni that led to five days of intense fighting during which hundreds of civilians and members of the security forces were killed.
Italian firebrigade rescue person from suspended car
2018-08-15    410 views
Italian firefighters carried out a dramatic rescue on Tuesday (August 14) retrieving a person who had been caught in the mangled ruins of his car suspended in the air after the collapse of motorway bridge.

Video released by the firebrigade showed a fireman working to retrieve the person from ropes hanging next to the car caught in the wreckage.

Firefighters searched into the night for survivors and bodies amid the rubble of the collapsed bridge which so far has led to the deaths of at least 26.
Nebraska carries out its first execution since 1997
2018-08-14    1K views
A convicted killer in Nebraska was executed
on Aug. 14.

Moore robbed and killed 2 cab drivers in 1979.

He mouthed “I love you” to his family members
before he lost consciousness.

This is the state’s first execution in 21 years.

Fentanyl was used in this lethal injection.

No state has done this before.

Nebraska still has 10 inmates on death row.
Jack Ryan Edwards
2018-08-14    0 views
At one grocery store in Baton Rouge, a store employee’s single action has touched the hearts of many people online.

When Jack Ryan Edwards visited Rouses, a grocery store in Baton Rouge,

the 17-year-old took interest in an employee who was stocking shelves in the freezer section.

“Something in the back of my mind was just like, ‘Ask if he wants to help you,'” thought Jordan Taylor, the 20-year-old store employee.

Jack Ryan—his sister Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi calls him Ziggy—has autism,

so when Jordan asked if he would like to help him stock the shelves not only was Ziggy thrilled with the offer, but so was his family.

“He could have made an excuse and said he couldn’t allow him to help."

"Instead, he let him have his moment and in turn gave my family a moment we will never forget."

“It might seem like nothing to others, but as you can hear my dad say in the video, ‘I’m watching a miracle right now.'”

Since Alwosaibi’s post has gone viral, both Jack Ryan and Jordan have received positive news.

Jack Ryan was offered a part time job at Rouses, which he accepted.

“The thing that struck me most was Jordan’s demeanor during the encounter,”

“What Jordan did for Jack Ryan was beautiful, but Jack also changed Jordan’s life forever.""

"… That’s where God comes in.”
'Golden State Killer' Charged with 13th Murder
2018-08-14    102 views
The alleged "Golden State Killer," Joseph DeAngelo,
has been charged with a 13th murder.

Officials announced on Aug. 13 that DeAngelo
murdered Claude Snelling, a journalism professor.

"We are confident through the information
obtained from victims and witnesses,
through thorough examination
and specific modus operandi in these cases,
through the development of physical evidence,
and by linking a firearm stolen from the Ransacker burglary
that was used in the Claude Snelling murder,
that Joseph DeAngelo is the man responsible for these crimes.

Snelling was shot in September 1975 while trying
to stop the kidnapping of his 16-year-old daughter.

He also committed dozens of rapes and home
invasions during the 1970s and 1980s, officials said.
Man crashes plane into own house
2018-08-14    986 views
A man who died after crashing a plane into a Utah
home was previously arrested for domestic violence.

Duane Youd crashed the plane into the home where
his wife and adult son were staying.

He was arrested and released on bail
hours before the crash, police said.
Speculation that Idris Elba is next James Bond
2018-08-13    35 views
Idris Elba was once again rumored
to be taking over the role of James Bond.

An article in The Daily Star reignited talk that Elba
was the actor at the forefront to become Bond.

The British actor responded vaguely via Twitter,
telling his followers “Don’t believe the HYPE.”

Elba’s tweets in response caused
even more speculation.

Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond
is rumored to be 2019’s “Bond 25.”

Fans and the media have speculated for years
that Elba could replace him.

In the past Elba stated via Reddit that he would
play Bond if the role was ever offered to him.
Diarrhoea, asthma are new health concerns faced by Indonesia quake evacuees
2018-08-12    2 views
Mahsan endured an "extraordinary" pain for 24 hours after his foot was struck by fallen objects in the 6.9 magnitude quake that hit Indonesia's Lombok last week.

Like many who live in remote village in northern Lombok where most of its medical facilities were also damaged, Mahsan was left feeling helpless and without treatment for a day.

"The pain was extraordinary and the blood wouldn't stop," Mahsan, who goes by one name like many Indonesians, told Reuters on Saturday (August 11) six days after the quake in a makeshift hospital set up near his village.

But medical practitioner warned that treating patients with fractured bones was just the beginning as other health issues like diarrhoea and asthma attacks have started to affect thousands of homeless evacuees now staying in relief camps.

Due to poor sanitation and lack of clean water source, many evacuees, especially children have sought treatment for various illnesses.

Medical teams are also concerned for people living in remote areas, who are not receiving proper treatment.

At least 387 people have been killed in the powerful quake, latest data from disaster mitigation agency showed.
Ten people in hospital after Manchester shooting
2018-08-12    99 views
Police in Manchester said 10 people injured after shooting at Caribbean Carnival early on Sunday (August 12) sustained no life-threatening injuries and one of them discharged themselves from hospital.

Chief Superintendent Wasim Chaudhry said most of the injuries had been caused by pellets, which police attribute to the possible discharge of a shotgun.

Investigation was underway at the scene of shooting in the Claremont Road area of Manchester's inner-city Moss Side neighbourhood and Chaudhry said police were investigating attempted murder.

A statement on the Greater Manchester Police website said two children were among those injured and one individual is in stable, but serious condition after suffering injuries to their legs.

Moss Side is historically one of Britain's most deprived areas and experienced a high rate of gang related shootings until the mid-2000s.
NASA launches probe to go deep into Sun's scorching atmosphere
2018-08-12    347 views
This is the moment NASA launched its expedition to quote "touch the sun".
VP Pence outlines plan for new space force by 2020
2018-08-09    10 views
"As Commander in Chief, President Trump's highest priority is the safety and security of the American people. And while too often, previous administrations all but neglected the growing security threats emerging in space, President Trump stated clearly and forcefully that space is in his words, a war fighting domain just like land and air and sea. And just as we've done in ages past, the United States of America under his leadership will meet the emerging threats on this new battlefield with American ingenuity and strength to defend our nation, protect our people and carry the cause of liberty and peace into the next great American frontier."
School Bus Hit in Airstrike, at Least 30 Children Dead
2018-08-09    2K views
Airstrikes hit a bus in the Houthi-held city of Dahyan, north Saada, Yemen, on August 9, killing and injuring dozens, many of them schoolchildren, according to Houthi-affiliated media and rthe International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yemen.

An ICRC-supported hospital received dozens of dead and wounded people, authorities there reported. A pro-Houthi media outlet said 39 people were killed and 51 were injured, mostly children, though Storyful could not independently verify those numbers.

The bus was carrying students and teachers for a summer course in the city of Dahyan, the Houthi-affiliated Ansar Allah media organisation reported.
This footage was released by Houthi-affiliated media and includes graphic scenes of the aftermath of the strikes in Dahyan city in Saada province.

Houthi media blamed the Saudi-led coalition for the strikes.

The Saudi-led coalition released a statement on the same day saying: “The targeting that took place in the province of Saada today was a legitimate military action to target elements that planned and carried out attacks on civilians yesterday night in the city of Jazan that killed and wounded civilians. It was implemented in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules.”
2 dead, 4 injured in North Philadelphia shooting
2018-08-09    58 views
Two people died and four were hurt

in a shooting in Philadelphia.

Police haven’t found a motive.


"We as far as we know people were just standing out here congregating. We have no idea what this is about. All we know is this is another example of senseless violence.”

A suspect hasn’t been arrested.
Trent Miller
2018-08-09    0 views
Michelle Miller’s son Trent was always an active and energetic boy.

But everything changed in middle school
When suddenly, Trent’s throat started to make a weird noise.

Trent didn’t know what was going on.
Neither did anyone else around him.

The involuntary noise got louder
and then more frequent.

Michelle took him out of school to see a doctor
where he was diagnosed with tic disorder
also known as Tourette’s Syndrome.

He tried to hold it in.
But all that did was result in a tic attack -
- where the body later tries to release the tic all at once.

To make matters worse, the first time it happened was when Trent just returned to school.
He didn’t last even one period before he burst out of the classroom and into the hallway, where he had an attack for over 15 minutes.

Imagine the feeling right before you sneeze - and that pressure building and building and building -
That’s what Trent says the tics feel like, only in different parts of the body where the tics occur.

The disease symptoms got worse: involuntary blinking, rolling his wrists, grinding his tongue against his teeth. It was not only embarrassing, but painful too. The tics resulted in painful blisters covering his tongue.

Trent stopped going out in public.

"My life was now MRI scans, doctor appointments, and struggling day after day," Trent said.

But Trent was determined to get better.
Over time, he learned how to do reversals.

Reversals are simple actions that used the
Same parts of his body that developed tics, but in a way
Where it’s not disruptive or painful.

For example, he tamed his vocal tic
by holding in air and releasing it when he felt the need to tic.

And to prevent himself from grinding his tongue and teeth to the point of pain,
he would make a small clicking sound instead.

He also gave himself specific reasons to keep going throughout the day - a game, a moment, an activity - anything.

And throughout it all, his friends and family continued to support him.
“I lucked out, honestly,” he said. “I had friends at the time who defended me when I needed it.”

“Once people started to figure it out, they were a lot more accepting.”

Others understood that Trent couldn’t help his tics, and that Trent was going through more than they were just hearing some sounds.

“I was lucky that I had the friends I had.”

Trent’s friends never treated him any differently, “and honestly, that’s all it took.”
Department Press Briefing - August 7, 2018
2018-08-08    0 views
White House national security adviser John Bolton said that North Korea has not taken the necessary steps to denuclearize despite President Donald Trump’s patience with the communist regime.

“The president is holding the door open for North Korea. He’s shown them the future they can have if they follow through on what they said in Singapore,” he told Fox News on Aug. 6.

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore on June 12, where Kim reaffirmed a commitment to give up nuclear weapons.

The regime has destroyed its nuclear testing site and refrained from ballistic missile tests, but multiple reports have claimed it’s still continuing its nuclear program.

Bolton said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was prepared to return to North Korea for another meeting with Kim. But in a sign of Trump’s patience getting strained, Bolton prompted the regime to action.

“What we really need is not more rhetoric,” he told Fox News on Aug. 7. “What we need is performance from North Korea on denuclearization.”

He said the United States has lived up to the Singapore declaration, but “it’s just North Korea that has not taken the steps we feel are necessary to denuclearize.”

The U.S. State Department, however, still trusts that Kim ultimately wants to denuclearize.

It’s a Process
“We do not believe that [Kim’s] position has changed in any way [since the Singapore declaration],” said Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman, during the Aug. 7 press briefing.

She said the department has expected the process to take time. “We knew that this would be a road,” she said.

Aug. 3 satellite images indicated that North Koreans made progress on dismantling the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, which served for testing and development of engines for ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles, reported 38North, a North Korea analysis project of the Stimson Center think-tank.

Bolton said no additional Kim-Trump meeting was scheduled. The two leaders, however, have exchanged letters, Nauert said. She didn’t go into details regarding the content of Trump’s letter to Kim, which has been delivered to North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho by U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting in Singapore on Aug. 4.

Trump posted on Twitter one letter from Kim on July 12, where the dictator spoke of “the strong will, sincere efforts, and unique approach of myself and Your Excellency Mr. President aimed at opening up a new future between” the United States and North Korea.
Rebecca Tafaro Boyer
2018-08-07    2 views
No one likes to refer to themselves as a helicopter parent,

but if it saves your child’s life, than what’s the harm?

It was Rebecca Tafaro Boyer's first day back at work after maternity leave.

She had demanded her husband to send her hourly updates on their son William.

Around 2:15 in the afternoon, Tafaro Boyer, from Memphis, Tennessee, received a text from her husband, David.

It was a photo of William sleeping in his car seat.

She replied to his message and advised her husband to fix their son’s harness.

Moments later her husband contacted her again,

but it wasn’t to send her another photo of William in his seat or to confirm that he adjusted the straps.

It was to deliver some bad news.

“Honey, we had a car wreck. We are fine, but the car is going to be totaled.”

Her husband and son were only a few miles from home when another driver pulled into oncoming traffic.

“He slammed on the brakes at nearly 50 miles an hour before colliding with the front passenger side door of her SUV,”

“My precious little bundle of joy was so well restrained in his car seat, THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN WAKE UP.”

“I am so thankful that my husband took the extra one minute that was necessary to put William in his car seat safely,”

David ended up with a broken foot and three dislocated toes, and the couple’s 11-year-old car was totaled.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how different the outcome could have been."

In sharing her experience online,

Tafaro Boyer wrote that she didn’t want to come across as a parent who bragged or shamed others,

instead she wanted to inform those who might simply be unaware.

“The car is a loss, but cars can be replaced – my boys can’t.”
Model makers create magic with elastic bands
2018-08-03    0 views
A Ukrainian model-making company is finding huge success with traditional gadgets.

They make wooden horses, cars, steam trains and even musical instruments
all powered not by electricity, but by gears, cranks and rubber bands.

SOUNDBITE [Stanislav Shevchenko, designer at Ugears]
"This is the model of a musical instrument called wheel lyre or Hurdy-Gardy. It can be assembled by hand and it is also a true musical instrument. It has strings that make sounds if you turn the handle."

SOUNDBITE [Gennady Shestak, Ceo and Co-founder of Ugears]
"People have a need to create something by themselves. In this, they want to have a ready-made solution. Our puzzles don't need to be cut out, they don't need glue, adjustment of details etc. The quality is really high."

SOUNDBITE [Stanislav Shevchenko, designer at Ugears]
"The idea (of new models) can be brought from different sources. Even our client can say what kind of model he wants. We listen to the views of clients. We develop the model's conception, prototyping, create interesting mechanisms and always try to put something new into the model. After that we strive to make it beautiful as well."

SOUNDBITE [Gennady Shestak, Ceo and Co-founder of Ugears]
"The second interesting thing is that rubber bands drive the motors here. This type of drive has probably been known since the middle of 20th century or even earlier. Electric motors or simple software could easily be installed here. But it wouldn't be the same if that was done. It wouldn't be that kind of so-called magic that we have in our models."
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